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How to evaluate the person providing services/the Client?

  1. When you finish the job, you can rate the user and leave a review.
  2. To do this, click on the “Rate User” option, which you will find on the person’s profile.
  3. The rating consists of a five-star scale and an optional review.
  4. You can write a few sentences about your rating of the person providing the service or the client.  

How to contact the service provider/Client? 

  1. After settling the payment, you can contact the person using the “Send message” option.
  2. All your conversations are listed in the “Messages” option.

How to add an ad to favorites? 

  1. Just click on the heart visible next to the advertisement you are interested in.
  2. From now on, the ad will be visible on the list, which you can access by clicking on “Favorites” in the menu bar. 

What to do if the service provider/Client is not responding? 

  1. Lack of contact from the Client or the service provider may mean that he is no longer interested in the offer.
  2. In the absence of an answer, we suggest arming yourself with patience, as unplanned/unexpected circumstances may have occurred.
  3. We also suggest to bear in mind checking the average response time of a given user.
  4. In case of persistent ignoring, you can finish the order and rate the user. 

How to use the map function? 

  1. The map helps in finding offers and clients who are looking for contractors. 


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