We all like to live inside a clean, orderly apartment. Unfortunately - we don't always have the time for cleaning! We are in a rush, overworked and sometimes - instead of cleaning, we prefer spending our free time with family. Thanks to professional cleaning help, we don’t have to worry about it anymore. How to find such a person? You can read about it on the next page!

Employing cleaning help is a difficult decision which we often precede with a thorough analysis of our needs, possibilities of the home budget as well as asking for our friends’ recommendation. In this category we provide guidelines in terms of what questions to ask, what to be guided with and what to do to hire the best person. We will also explain how much should be paid for cleaning and what form of employment will be the most suitable. We also answer the most frequently asked questions, including those regarding the necessary equipment and cleaning agents. Should the house owner provide them? Or perhaps this is the responsibility of the cleaning lady? You can read about it on our website too!

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