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Many parents are fruitlessly seeking help in childcare. It is not always obvious where to find a professional nanny and what to pay attention to when making the decision. We provide guidelines in terms of how to pick the perfect nanny and where to look for her. On the other hand, people who would like to undertake a job as a babysitter will find information about what personality traits and predispositions are key in this job, and will also learn how to find employment and what formalities to carry out.

Work as a babysitter requires adequate skills and personality traits. People who mean to undertake a job as a nanny can use our blog to check whether they are in the possession of the predispositions for it. They will also learn what requirements and expectations are connected with this profession. Are a CV and references critical? What are the wages and rates? You will find answers to these questions in the articles which we have shared. We discuss the employment contract and the clauses that should be included. It is very important to determine the scope of responsibilities. This will protect you from later misunderstandings. We also warn you about dangers and the effects of inconsiderate choices.

On our blog, families and nannies will find many valuable information which will facilitate both secondment as well as the provision of care over a child. Determining the requirements and expectations in terms of a nanny’s work will ensure a good, caring relationship both to herself and the children. Our blog provides guidelines in terms of building that relationship and methods for providing the child with excellent, professional care.

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