Helphoo is a blog about working without intermediaries or agencies in professions such as nanny, domestic help, senior caregiver, handyman or petsitter The society is ageing, we are constantly in a hurry, and our families include both children as well as the elderly and animals. We often need help, but we don't know how to find it. This blog is a valuable source of information for people planning to become employed as domestic help or care giver.

Also, all people thinking about undertaking such a job will find here valuable information about how to prepare for it, what conditions should be fulfilled and how to handle any formalities. It is a compendium of knowledge about intermediary-free work.

Regardless of whether you need help in cleaning, care for an elderly person, a child or a pet, you will find valuable information here. Thanks to the knowledge included in the articles on our blog, the search for a professional will be very simple and more efficient.